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Bending with the Water...

Hello Friends!

I've figured to start a blogging process talking to Freediving and what I learn as I go.

At the beginning of this journey, I didn't realise what Freediving would require of me, I first thought all I need to do is hold my breath and I'd be able to get to all the course requirements without issue. And maybe this was the case with my Level 1 Freediving, it wasn't easy but also, was not the hardest thing that could happen.

My Advanced certification was hard, and trying, this is when I realised that Freediving is so incredibly personal. Its not about showing anyone anything, about what you can or can do. Its about where your mind goes in the silence, in the depth at sea, in the turn while doing dynamics in the pool. This was the real 'camel breaker' for me.

With time and space to understand and comprehend what she wanted of me, I learned to be. Be present, be clear headed, be at peace, travel with her and most importantly, I learnt to 'bend with the water', a phrase I picked up from my mentor.

The minute he told me about bending with the water, it all started to make sense.

In the beginning I was rigid, set in my own ways of this goal I wanted to reach, but not present to the process it takes to get there... the goal doesn't have a time limit, but is all dependant on your ability to bend with the water.

To be present.

As you make the decision to learn more about Freediving, I hope you remember these words, and trust the process.


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