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What are you doing here?

Hello Friends

How are you keeping?

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written, and it probably has, I’m battling to place my thoughts.. my feelings and being into words and so often I circle around the wonder of if I should write it or not.

And so here we are,

I am currently a part of a group of 10 ladies that were selected by the Nature Environment and Wildlife Filmmakers Community (NEWF) to learn Underwater photography and Cinematography while acquiring their Dive Masters Certification in Sodwana Bay,

The process has been incredible and we have been connected with amazing mentors and yet somehow, there are always the nigglies around Black bodies,

Hi, what are you doing here?

So where are you from?

I know you’re diving, but with who and what for?

Hmmm… and so these questions often sit around our bodies when we go out. In conversation we wondered how else these questions could have been framed, its 100% out of the norm to see this many Black people never mind Women, diving, at the same time, for so long. It's 100% out of the norm to be Black people who also own their power - here, and so this also has its own life, the expected submission and obedience vs the lived humanity that we come from.

On one of the days I got a look as I greeted a small group of Fishermen getting the boats readied for launch by Black hands everywhere, the look had questions but the loudest question seeming to be why I was not in servitude as he looked back to his boat and the Black hands around it.

Sodwana Bay is one of the most beautiful dive sites, top 10 in the world and yet always carries hardship for me, in how the community is only involved through servitude,

I often wonder when they will get to see and explore their waters, all while keeping just enough sanity to not bite between the passive aggressive.

Take care friends and have a stunner week!


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