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Plastic Free July!

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the week! And that you managed to sneak in a dive or 2 over the weekend!

In thinking about this weeks blog I wanted to share a little about Plastic Free July, and how traditionally, when we talk about plastic pollution, we position it from the saving of the ocean and the marine animals, but I think in doing the conservation work, we can rally more support from communities that live around these oceans to also care by helping to foster the understanding of how our actions also harm us.

The plight of the marine animals is an important one. I remember seeing a video online where this fisherman picks up this fish and says, ‘this fish doesn’t look okay’, he then goes on to open it up and inside its stomach, was plastic and various debris. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of eye it takes to be able to pick out a fish and note that it looks ‘unwell’, how trained must your eye be?

Growing up, we only had fish once a week, it was tinned sardines, and we looked forward to this meal! I doubt the meal was about nutrition more than the fact that this 1 can of fish could feed a family of 6 comfortably and maybe even still have some left overs.

When I think about plastic pollution, and remember the guy who spots the unwell fish, it brought me back to the basics that said, the more we continue with single use plastic and macro plastics that find themselves at sea, as fish eat this plastic, the trolling companies will come, grab a good scoop of these sardines, clean them up and pack them. Families who are unable to afford the bigger and more luxurious fish come and purchase these tinned sardines, and of the little fish they have a week, the nutrients that used to be in this weekly allocation of fish becomes even less.

When we talk about plastic pollution, the effect is 2 fold, and the more we can rally the greater communities to partner with us in how we curb the use of single use plastic, perhaps we can bring an even greater change together, realising that the small change we make might not be for us, but talks to how we can be allies for families living with less.

This in no way translates to immediate benefit, but over time, the collective effort brings us closer to not only saving marine life, but humanity.

I thought I'd share some of my plastic free July action items that have become more used with #plasticfreejuly in mind.

1. Straws – I travel with my glass straws everywhere, I also have their bamboo ones, but everything tastes better in glass so :)

2. My stainless steel Travel cup - which I have started using again, though I like the world to know that I am #teamseattle, it’s also okay for the coffee experience to be magical without anyone knowing ;) and when I forget my cup, I just skip the lid. Ps, this cup keeps your coffee hot for forever!!

I hope you have a phenomenal week! Let me know what you’re doing for#plasticfreeJuly and hopefully, these small changes we make, end up running past July.

Have a stunner week and mad love!


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