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The Era of $Hashtags

Hello friends

I hope you’re keeping well and have had a fantastic weekend with friends and family that hopefully included water time!

Last week I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Matthew Majola, an ex-lifesaver from Mbotyi in the Eastern Cape.

After our introduction, in the beginning of our discussion was awe which led to, ‘I would love to talk to you on my Instagram live’, he responded by saying ‘what is that? If it’s an app I can download it and okay’

In that moment I couldn’t help but wonder about who’s stories were being heard, in the call for diversity that often leans towards racial diversity and gender diversity first, was a question of access diversity. The means that makes certain spaces and stories accessible, like Instagram and the like. And then further, the question of inclusion, and who’s inclusion is being rallied for.

The question further said, how do we get these untold stories to platforms where there is currency in voice. In a world where humans can now tell their own stories is the next level - the platform matters, the followers matter, the hashtags matter and who is listening matters.

So as Matthew in a few moments mid-live said ‘sorry to say this but, white people x’ was the question of why there was an apology for something that is a lived experience, his experience.

How do we unbundle the apology to just be valid story telling especially while black?

And so, I would like to open up the Instagram Lives even more.

Opening up the space to more voices, if there is going to be diverse representation and inclusive spaces (that soon will be, spaces of tables not looking to tolerate or try include the other, the table will be new, comprised of people that are sitting around that table, comfortably and confidently being. As the norm) and access (proximity aside, lifting voices not normally heard), I would like this space to be home to this.

I am open to suggestions,

Happy Tuesday Friends!


My conversation with Matthew Majola was incredible... im still processing all of it.. he is a water human based in Eastern Cape, this is an important story, along with the many, listen here.

"One day I went to the beach to swim alone I got to the water and I did not notice that the current was out to sea, knowing nothing about swimming I started to swim but then couldn't get out because the sea was also rough that day, I was scared and in the water for about 1hour Battling to get out but in the end I managed, and that's when I started training myself how to swim in case someone I know drowns at the beach."

Through training he later became a lifeguard,

Have a stunner week friends!


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